Maternity on the Home Farm

I’ve never seen a more perfect location that was truly an extension of this family. When I first heard, “We live on a farm!” I knew it would be a unique and amazing experience.1305133613251324

There was vast open space, lush greenery, a pond, and animals everywhere. There were times they really waned to be in the picture too, and had no intentions of moving until they received their five minutes of fame.13461584156015611394.jpg

There was no short supply of interesting backgrounds on the land, ans this tree was by far one of out favorites. With the sun shining through it looked like a glimmering garden of green. She wore her mother’s vintage dress for this shoot as a tribute to honor her memory.

Now for the spotlight on this gorgeous soon to be mother of two, who was up for literally anything and looked beautiful doing it! I made the floral crown and supplied the lace dress for this look. 1477


The session was finished off by the scenery of the backyard pond which had glorious color and textures to balance out the white dress. 161416161619


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